Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

comfort zone vs attitude

Comfort zone is a place surrounded by the mental boundaries of our minds where we feel safe. Despite this comfort area and its boundaries is a state of mind that have nothing to do with reality, it plays a big roll in our development progress. Because of limited comfort zone, not many benefits for you in your comfort zone, but what you already are and have. Nothing new will happen until you open up and leave your comfort zone.

As long as you still have the same beliefs, you can not grow and you can not expect new things in your life. When you change your beliefs will change the thoughts, feelings and actions, and then you can develop and grow in all aspects of your life.

While your background may affect your current situation, what really matters is not where you were born, color, race, age, sex, religion, government, or even a poor neighborhood where you have lived for years, but what really matters and makes a big difference in your life is your attitude, to understand your comfort zone, how do you limit yourself in it, who you are, why you behave as you did it, and especially where you will go.

Unfortunately many people do not go anywhere because they stay within their comfort zone. They accept defeat after defeat before even trying or knowing how capable or their actual value. This situation is not the cause of our actual situation and poverty but the convenience of our minds and also because we are a broken spirit. Leave your past, always beyond your comfort zone! Past your comfort zone is nothing but a useless burden that you do not need to take him at all.

Take action was necessary as many constant and never quit. Like Napoleon Hill says, "a quitter never wins and a winner never stops. The defeat was never fails, no state which is the failure to be accepted by the individual as a failure ". Whatever you think, you feel, and therefore what you feel is how you act, and this is what will determine how far you will go and how your future. Cheer you, do not let the background of your comfort zone, or other external circumstances defeat your spirit.

Nothing is impossible for an optimistic attitude; everything is possible when we began to open ourselves to believe, when we have a burning desire to succeed and foolhardy determination to realize our dreams; everything is possible when we do not take no for an answer.

Do not be afraid of change, life itself is a change, growth, and despite the possibility of a painful, necessary changes. These changes will bring you to a place filled with new things, blessings and satisfaction, it is for better conditions. Just focus and just live with passion, focus on the things you want and what makes you happy. Just believe in yourself, open-minded, open to change, simple, flexible and take action.

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