Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Later revealed that the BlackBerry had a bad effect for the wearer. Here are the consequences include:

1. Real told to line up, the longer the more calm, not showing symptoms of irritation at all
2. Which had been grumbling when jammed, now calm.
3. Hoping hit a red light again and again. If the lights turn green even upset. Go ahead respond to the email / chat.
4. Often in the horn of others, until the tide suggest sticker on the back of the car "please be patient, BlackBerry users".
5. Defecation time was added long. And it was empty but still hanging.
6. Her side waiting for the couple as BB in hand. Pursue a target finish reading the email.
7. Smiling like myself.
8. No concentration of work.
9. Wake up the first morning had sought BB and nothing else.
10.When people talk to still force the answer email / chat. Cool. And that led to talk that sometimes his own boss.
11.More fun at the wheel than the drive itself. Let me ride busway would not have to drive.
12.So rarely angry, but so often scold people for not talk to connect.
13.If in a public place like the frantic search for outlets. Battery dying.
14.If the child fusses BB pointed it straight for entertaining.
15.Often forget to push the elevator button. Should rise even down. Not to mention the excessive floor.
16.If the queue at the bank wearing a queue number, when called on the speaker not to hear. Clay head monitors pas surprise. Waks! Should take the queue again. But stay calm.
17.Newspaper and magazine subscriptions were still stacked neatly unreadable.
18.Often stumble because if the way his eyes fixed on the screen BB.

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