Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Google Threatens China Will Quit

San Francisco - search giant Google has threatened to halt operations in China. Threat after the attacks of cyber spying by China and the efforts of human rights activists broke into the email. "Cyber spies based in China to attack us and at least 20 other companies. They tried to spy on a number of activities on a global scale, "said Google Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, as quoted by the Straits Times, Wednesday (13 / 1). Google also reiterated they would not again make the internet filter the search results in China. Especially since online spies spread their wings in the country. "We started thinking about our business operations in the country," said Drummond. In the next few weeks, the Google will discuss with the government of China to discuss this issue. The reason, the State government policy Bamboo Curtain was also difficult for Google.cn activity. "If you keep the style of content censorship in the government of China, might as well stop our operations," he added. Google detects online spies in China since last December. This espionage activity is said to break into the email of the human rights activists in the country

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